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Add to your Battlebox kit, or create your very own kit, by choosing from our great range of individual, adventure items.

  1. Camo Cream

    Camo Cream

    An essential bit of kit for any Adventurer wanting to disappear into the bushes never to be seen again - well not until tea-time that is!


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  2. Camo Net

    Camo Net

    The ultimate den building material. A good generous size, just throw it over virtually anything to transform it into an awesome base camp!


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  3. Camo Torch

    Camo Torch

    A super little Torch. Just the right size to fit into any pocket with a very bright light perfect for exploring late into the night.


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  4. Camo Trousers

    Camo Trousers

    Tough and hard wearing just the sort of qualities that any Soldier is looking for. Whatever your mission or adventure you'll be well hidden.


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  5. Catapult


    Conkers were just made for these! Line up your empty tins on the wall, take aim, fire!  A very simple game but highly addictive!


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  6. Digger Hat (camo)

    Digger Hat (camo)

     Every adventurer needs one of these complete with chinstrap, press studs on the side and a secret pocket inside for keeping your secret code in. WAS £8.00


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  7. Fire Starter Kit

    Fire Starter Kit

    Who needs matches when you can start a fire Bear Grylls style, by using one of these? Far more satisfying and will light many fires for years to come. 


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  8. Hammock


    Light enough to carry on your adventures in its own little bag, yet tough enough to take the weight of 2 fully grown men. 


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  9. Head Torch

    Head Torch

    For when you need light but need your hands for more important things like collecting firewood for the campfire or embarking on night time expeditions.


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  10. Our Island Story

    Our Island Story

    This exquisite book tells the tale of our Islands fascinating history from the Romans to Queen Victoria. Instilling an enthusiasm for history that will last a lifetime. WAS £20


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  11. Para Cord

    Para Cord

    Good strong rope, tried and tested by the Paras – the real deal and 50ft of it! Vital kit for den building, shelter making or simply learning your knots


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  12. Rope


    With a big loop at one end and a breaking strain of 3 tons this 30ft rope is great for taking on expeditions or making a great rope swing off your favourite tree!


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  13. Smoke Bombs

    Smoke Bombs

    Confuse the enemy with these smoke bombs and give yourself some extra cover and time to initiate your attack or make good your escape.


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  14. Snap Light

    Snap Light

    Never get lost in the dark again, even if your torch battery runs out! This is a useful little emergency aid, giving you 12 hours of light once activated.


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  15. Stink Bombs

    Stink Bombs

    If you want to evacuate an area then these will do the trick! The smell is sooo disgusting that you won’t see anyone for miles!! Strictly for outside use only!


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  16. Sturdy Mallet

    Sturdy Mallet

    A strong and trusty mallet to make building dens that little bit quicker. With a clever little peg puller to make taking down dens a little easier.


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