Create Your Own Kit

We have a great range of kits, but in case they aren’t what you like, or you already have one of our Great British Adventure Kits and simply want to add to it, you can pick  from our great range of individual adventure items.  'Create Your Own Kits' are dispatched in a sturdy cardboard BattleBox. 

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  1. 7 in 1  Survival Whistle

    7 in 1 Survival Whistle

    This pocket sized whistle is perfect for explorers- with compass, thermometer, torch, magnifying glass, signalling mirror and secret compartment to hide important messages.


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  2. Aluminium Drinks Bottle

    Aluminium Drinks Bottle

    Exploring is thirsty work, this tough and practical drinks bottle is easy to attach to your backpack or belt loops with a carabiner which is included.


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  3. Army Mess Tins x2

    Army Mess Tins x2

    Army Mess Tins that make that proper clanking noise. Great for cooking with and eating from around the campfire. Try frying an egg add some baked beans - that's supper done!


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  4. Backpack (Olive)

    Backpack (Olive)

    Tough backpack, big enough to carry everything you need for a day's exploring! Essential kit for any Adventurer off in pursuit of his dreams and adventures. Rucksack measures 48cm x 38cm

    From £18.00

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  5. Baseball Cap - Camo

    Baseball Cap - Camo

    Great for keeping the sun out of your eyes when spying on the enemy and the camouflage means you'll remain hidden from the enemy!


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  6. Basha (Camo)

    Basha (Camo)

    Hard wearing tarpaulin (255 X 172cm), perfect for making a secret headquarters to plan your next adventure in and the camouflage means you'll stay well hidden.


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  7. Binoculars


    Tough and rugged essential kit for discovering unchartered territory and lost treasures as well as bird watching and spotting the enemy on the horizon - the choice is yours!


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  8. Caley's Heroes Chocolate bar

    Caley's Heroes Chocolate bar

    The original Marching Chocolate given out to British Troops during the Great War. Support Help for Heroes whilst enjoying this delicious chocolate bar. 5p donation from BattleBox with each bar sold.


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  9. Camo Cream

    Camo Cream

    An essential bit of kit for any Soldier wanting to disappear into the bushes never to be seen again - well not until teatime that is!


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  10. Camouflage Action Vest

    Camouflage Action Vest

    This is essential kit for any Adventurer. With 11 pockets you can carry all that is needed to disappear off into the wilderness in search of Adventure. Good for fishing trips too!

    From £16.00

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